Student Support

Learning Support

We have a full time learning support specialist who works closely with individual students, teachers, families and outside professionals to implement learning strategies tailored to each child’s needs. This includes partnering with teachers to develop specific teaching approaches and accommodations. In addition, students with learning differences are able to participate in supplemental, small-group instruction.

School Counseling

Our counselor –– along with our entire school community –– is dedicated to supporting the wellbeing of our students. She is experienced in working with school-aged children and understands their range of developmental, cognitive, social-emotional and behavioral needs. In addition to caring for students and families, she partners with our teachers to implement our social-emotional curriculum in all grades and is trained to address issues around crisis intervention, protective services and critical medical and family situations.

Middle School Tutorial

Our middle school students have a tutorial period each day during which they meet with teachers to get extra support and guidance on class assignments and homework.