The 7th Grade Tzedakah Tefillah

Last week's Tzedakah Tefillah was led by the 7th grade students who presented their projects and the financial awards they've allocated to the non-profit organizations they support. You can view the Tzedakah slide presentation with more information and videos HERE. In the words of the the 7th grade:

Today we will be giving you a look into our year-long Tzedakah project and what we’ve accomplished. We began by learning about Jewish Values and Mitzvot Commandments and figuring out which of these values were important to us as individuals and as a class. We then moved on to explore the problems in the world that we want to help solve and researched organizations that are engaged in this work. 

After each student wrote an essay about the social issue they picked and presented the information about their organization, we came together as a class and allocated our funds. Allocation was intense and we worked hard to come to consensus on the many decisions we had to make. Amazingly, we did it! Thanks to our parents, we had almost $13,000 to divide up. It was quite a responsibility, but we are proud of our work. Many representatives of these amazing organizations joined us at the Tefillah today to receive their donation in person, while others sent videos of thanks. 

Mazal Tov and Kol Hakavod to the 7th grade!

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