Tehiyah legacy supports our Jewish Community 

April 19, 2021

For Immediate Release

Tehiyah legacy supports our Jewish Community 

Tehiyah Day School served the East Bay Jewish Community for four decades before closing in 2018. The Board of Directors of Tehiyah is proud to announce that it has authorized a multi-year grant to Brandeis Marin and Contra Costa Jewish Day School (CCJDS) to continue the school's legacy. This multi-year grant will enable Brandeis Marin and CCJDS to provide support to East Bay families who wish to send their children to a Jewish community day school.  

Dean Goldfein and Peg Sandel, Heads of School from CCJDS and Brandeis Marin, jointly expressed their deep appreciation. "Tehiyah pioneered Jewish Day School education in the East Bay and to be connected with their legacy is a tremendous honor." 

The grant seeks to make Jewish community day school more affordable and accessible through the support of scholarships and transportation services from the West Contra Costa/North Alameda County catchment areas.  Families interested in either school should reach out to their admissions departments directly.  

Kara Vuicich, President, Tehiyah Board of Trustees shared, "As the first Jewish community day school in the East Bay, Tehiyah's closure and sale of its El Cerrito campus was a heartbreaking loss for the East Bay Jewish community. We are grateful to be in a position to help support East Bay families seeking a Jewish community day school education for their children by granting Tehiyah's remaining funds to CCJDS and Brandeis Marin." 

Tehiyah is in the process of dissolution and has ceased to operate. The East Bay Jewish Community will forever be grateful to the historic service provided by the many teachers, administrators, families, and community members who made this vital institution possible.  The graduates and those touched by their work and devotion will continue to influence and revive the spirit of Jewish life for generations to come.


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