8th Grade Science Hits the Target

8th Grade Science is currently working on a physics unit all about projectile motion and trajectory - simply put - they built miniature trebuchets! The work involves hands-on physics and math as each team calculates averages to find the best spot to place their target. Here's one teams' notes:

Katherine: For our most recent science project, we were tasked with creating a ballistic device that could consistently launch a ball a certain distance. We only had a few materials to work with: hot glue, Popsicle sticks, rubber bands, dowels, straws and bottle caps, and…our brains. 

Elena: Our team built two launchers. The smaller one needed to hit a target from 10' (3.05 m) and the bigger one about 18'. We made adjustments on the structures to make them launch as far as we needed, and after some practice they both hit the target.

Sienna: This was definitely a fun project! Working together we came up with really awesome launchers. The whole class enjoyed this project - can't wait for the younger grades to experience it as well! 

Check out some of the 8th grade trebuchets now...