7th Grade Celebrates the Tzedakah Project

Last week we celebrated the culmination of the 7th grade Tzedakah Project, a year-long exploration into charity, justice, and repairing the world. Tzedakah is a Hebrew word that doesn't translate simply into English. Its root is "righteous", and words like justice, righteousness and even charity are used to convey its big idea. Tzedakah is not a choice in Judaism but rather, an obligation or a commandment. At Brandeis Marin we take the Tzedakah obligation seriously, and today's Tzedakah Tefillah and Celebration proved that our 7th grade took their year-long Tzedakah Project very seriously. 

At Tefillah, the 7th grade students gave us insight into their experience as they worked together to make a difference. They told us about the grit, patience, flexibility, generosity of spirit, and open-mindedness that was required of them to complete the Project and to allocate the funds to their chosen causes. This year marks 12 years of 7th grade Brandeis Marin classes who have consciously and wisely donated over $120,000 to non-profits all over the world.

Many thanks to the representatives from the non-profit agencies who spent time with our students and made themselves available for meetings, conversations and many questions. Many more thanks to to our beloved Beverly Pinto, who, with great enthusiasm and dedication, facilitated our non-profit allocations in April. Todah robah to all! 

The Tzedakah Team
Stephanie Stavsky, Merav Steinberger, Trish Tillman, Jonathan Emanuel, and Steve Friedman


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