4th Grade Celebrates the Redwoods

In 4th grade we dig deep into the resilient and magnificent redwood trees. We study their attributes to learn how they survive for so long (up to 2,000 years!) and grow to be so tall (nearly 400 feet!). We think about the ways they support other life in the redwood forest system and their important roles in an interdependent ecosystem.

With only 5% of the old growth forest remaining, we know these special trees depend on our stewardship. In celebration of Tu B'Shvat (from the perspective of California historians) we wrote beautiful poems and made chalk pastel murals to share in the magic of these special trees. The final phase of this tree learning unit will be planting redwood seeds in the school garden as part of SPAWN's 10,000 Redwoods project. 

Tori Ulrich
4th Grade 

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