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Green Tips from Tamara

Green Tips from Tamara
Green Tips from Tamara

This is Tamara, an 8th grade student here at Brandeis. I am part of the “Green Gang” which is a club that is dedicated to making recycling and composting happen at school, and to give you tips on how to live more GREENLY!

Here are some ideas for you and your family:

  • REUSABLE HOT LUNCH STUFF: If your child gets hot lunch at school, send them to school with a reusable (non-breakable) plate and silverware. This is something my family and I started doing last year when we realized how wasteful we were being. This is easy AND it saves some trees and more pollution.
  • TRAVEL MUGS: If you are like me, you LOVE coffee shops. Let’s say you want to stop at Starbucks or Peet’s. Keep a reusable travel mug in your car so that whenever you NEED coffee, you can ask for it in the travel mug and then wash it out once you get home. This can inspire other people to do this as well! Try it!
  • REUSE PLASTIC… EVERYTHING: My family has always had a drawer at home for tin-foil, plastic wrap, etc. We also keep plastic bags in there, including used ones. Maybe you are shopping in the bulk section at a grocery store. Once you have finished whatever was in the plastic bag, you can reuse it for other purposes! Also, you can put plastic silverware in the dishwasher and send your kids to school with that for their hot lunch!

Hope these ideas were helpful! Stay tuned for more green tips!

Tamara L 
Class of 2020, Brandeis Marin