7th Grade English Jabberwocky Whimsy

7th Grade English Jabberwocky Whimsy
7th Grade English Jabberwocky Whimsy

In English class, as part of our reading of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, we read and analyzed the poem "The Jabberwocky." We learned about portmanteau, Lewis Carroll's term for the invented language he uses in the poem. Students also looked at the form, structure and rhyme scheme of the original verse, and used all that they learned to create their own Jabberwocky-inspired poems! Here's a sample of this whimsical work!

Jennifer Franklin
Middle School English
Dean of Middle School


The Rocking Horsefly
By Ian P. 


The Rocking Horsefly quickens pace

To reach its prey, its foes must die,

It stlumps with grief, and leaves no trace

Of colly Bread and Butterflies.


Its lonely path, it walks in shame

Its head hung low, its stomach filled,

It cannot shake the heavy blame

Of what was done, and who was killed.


Twas' still that night, upon the death

No sound was heard, no soul was there

When to it, came a quiet breath:

"Help," it said, but it was where?


The Rocking Horsefly heard a sound

It came from here, then there, then here

The Rocking Horsefly whirled around

And saw a borrid, awful fear.


Its mother, trapped, and locked away

She needed help, "But how?" it thought.

And in an sneat, on that sad day,

Its mom was gone, from that same spot.


Cheshire Cat Ballad

By Benjamin W. and Nathan T.

Infiltration and deception

Are two specialties I posses

But I have a small confession

Of a failed mission I partesed


I had a brother once, my son

Who helped me rule this world you see

My brother's name - it was Reason

We brought order - twas him and me


All in the golden afternoon

Quite lohaffg was the war we fought

But Time was strong and overcame

He killed Reason, 'twas all for naught


My brother died him I would miss

I was alone - I'm  Rhyme, you see

The girlie's name - it was Alice

She brought wonder - twas her and me


The Joyous Bread and Butterfly

By Ben R. 


With wings of Whole Foods 365

A body made of wheat and rye

Which makes all children's bodies thrive

The joyous Bread and Butterfly


In drusty hollow tree trunk homes

The fearless Rocking Horsefly creeps

Where the amazing Brutai roams

And eats the Brutai while it sleeps


A head of Splenda makes him sweet

It makes children's stomachs grangley

But the sight of crust makes 'em flee

So the Brutai flys happily


The Brutai lives on Mighty Leaf

With a dollop of cream inside

Now do not have any nonbelief

Since the Brutai has lots of pride