The Milestone Year

You may be wondering, how can a person be a resource? Well, I am here as a resource to all families who are inquiring about having a Bar or Bat Mitzvah/rite-of-passage experience while at Brandeis Marin. Traditionally, the Bar or Bat Mitzvah ceremony occurs during the 7th grade year. Preparations, however, begin well before that. As a cohesive Jewish community, we wish to support our families by helping to connect them with synagogues, tutors, officiants and other professionals. I will also serve as a “coach” for students who are learning for their Bar or Bat Mitzvah, providing support in drash writing, prayer leading and Torah reading. 

What is a milestone year?

As our middle school students take steps toward adulthood, our school community has an opportunity to acknowledge, support and celebrate this significant transition. Rites of passage are universal and have existed throughout history, providing the groundwork for children to take stock of their values and experiences, examine their place and purpose in the world, and take increased responsibility for themselves.

Recognizing that our Brandeis Marin population includes Jewish, interfaith and non-Jewish families from a variety of backgrounds, we seek to support the many ways to honor this time in our children’s lives. Please review the Milestone Calendar below to confirm the date you are considering for your celebration is available, then share your date with the community by clicking the green button. Want more info? Check out our Milestone Year Guide!

The B'nai Mitzvah/Milestone Calendar

October 2021
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sun, Sep 26
Mon, Sep 27
Tue, Sep 28
Wed, Sep 29
Thu, Sep 30
Fri, Oct 1
Sat, Oct 2
Sun, Oct 3
Mon, Oct 4
Tue, Oct 5
Wed, Oct 6
Thu, Oct 7
Fri, Oct 8
Sat, Oct 9
Sun, Oct 10
Mon, Oct 11
Tue, Oct 12
Wed, Oct 13
Thu, Oct 14
Fri, Oct 15
Sat, Oct 16
Sun, Oct 17
Mon, Oct 18
Tue, Oct 19
Wed, Oct 20
Thu, Oct 21
Fri, Oct 22
Sat, Oct 23
Sun, Oct 24
Mon, Oct 25
Tue, Oct 26
Wed, Oct 27
Thu, Oct 28
Fri, Oct 29
Sat, Oct 30
Sun, Oct 31
Mon, Nov 1
Tue, Nov 2
Wed, Nov 3
Thu, Nov 4
Fri, Nov 5
Sat, Nov 6

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