What to Support

Giving to Brandeis Marin

Brandeis Marin encourages all members of our community to make giving a priority every year, and that is why we have made many options available to increase the impact of your gift. If you have any questions, please contact Barbara Harris, Brandeis Marin Director of Advancement at 415-472-1833. 


Brandeis Fund

Thank you for supporting Brandeis Marin! The Brandeis Fund, (formerly the Annual Fund) is the best way you can help us to bridge the gap between tuition and the actual cost to educate each student. That is why the school actively encourages all families to make giving to the Brandeis Fund a priority each year. 
Your support goes to work immediately, helping to ensure that one more Brandeis student graduates as a passionate, engaged citizen prepared to meet the future. Each gift has an enormous impact on students, faculty and the mission of Brandeis Marin. 

Marty & Vanessa Friedman General Fund

Marty Friedman was instrumental in leading the effort to successfully transition our campus into an independent school. He served as the inaugural Board President of Brandeis Marin and remains a dedicated lay leader in our school. Vanessa Friedman was an active member of the Parent Association and played an integral role in volunteering in every aspect of the school. Together they remain dedicated to Brandeis Marin as do their daughters, Sofie (`13) and Sarah (`16).

The 8th Grade Israel Trip

A popular Brandeis tradition includes the 8th Grade Israel Trip. Our students explore the diversity of the land and people of Israel. Through diverse experiences such as traveling the land, spending time with peers at sister schools and connecting their learning at school to their experiences in Israel, our 8th graders forge their own relationship to this special place and grapple with what it means to be global citizens. The Eighth Grade Israel Trip has emerged as an essential rite of passage for our eighth graders, yet it requires substantial funding to support it.  Please consider a gift to underwrite the expenses of the Israel trip and preserve this treasured program.


Many Brandeis Marin donors see education as one of the most important ways to make a difference with their philanthropy. In particular, it is the legacy of a Brandeis education that can transform lives and create meaningful, lasting changes. Given the Brandeis values of inclusion and diversity, we ask that you consider giving to the scholarship fund to strengthen each generation in building and repairing our world -  “L’Dor V’Dor” or from generation to generation.

Jewish Studies

Join us on this journey to sustain and grow our Jewish Studies program. By inviting the whole community to help sustain and elevate our Jewish Studies program, we advance our mission to ignite passionate learners and engaged global citizens. 

Our sacred task is to prepare students for the future they will inherit. This includes laying the foundation by helping them to develop the habits of mind and heart to think critically and ethically. … The Jewish tradition serves as our north star, setting an example of reverence for deep learning, inspiring us to use our talents to repair the world, urging us to experience moments of awe in life, teaching us to use ritual to mark life’s big and little moments and inviting us into genuine community with one another. 

Dr. Peg Sandel
40th Anniversary Speech

Arts & Music

Expand our Arts and Music programs by allowing students to explore, create, and discover –– diving deep into grade-specific, yearlong artistic themes that are seamlessly integrated into all core subjects. Likewise, our small class sizes (a 9:1 student to teacher ratio) allow us to truly know our students and their families –– to share in their joys and challenges of learning music theory, playing instruments, creating art pieces, and performing.

STEM Technologies

Help us to upgrade our tools and faculty training to keep our STEM programs and students “future-ready”.  Here at Brandeis, we prepare our students to meet the future by teaching critical thinking skills and integrating pre-engineering tools into all curricula. For example, our one-of-a-kind Makers Makom Design Lab program gives students an opportunity to focus on 2-D and 3-D product design, electronics, robotics, coding, animation, podcasting, and other applied technologies. Move us forward with a gift today.