2018 2019 Brandeis Fund Donors

Jewish Community Federation

$50,000 - $99,999
The Barlow Family
Covenant Foundation
Diane and Howard Zack

$25,000 - $49,999
Marci and Marc Dollinger
Ellen and Barry Finestone
Cathy Dobbs Goldstein and Phil Goldstein
Leah and Aaron Lamstein
Olympic Club Foundation
Jennifer and Tony Smorgon
Nancy P. and Richard K. Robbins Family Foundation

$10,000 - $24,999
The Aaron and Marie Blackman Foundation, Inc.
Vanessa and Marty Friedman
Jeff Halbrecht
Barry Hoffner
Colleen and David Horowitz
Lily Kanter and Marc Sarosi
Martin Lowenstein and Inbar Telem
Dan Safier
San Francisco Humanities
Jordan and Abra Sills
Sandy Stadtler and Esther Rosha Stadtler
Tamara and Rob Wolfson
Norma S. Zimmerman Trust

$5,000 - $9,999
Dave Agger
Leslie Andelin and Barbara Iungano
Mariah Calarco
Suzanne and Elliot Felson
Becky Genet Fenster and Bryce Fenster
Laurie Friedman and Eric Zimmerman
George Wasserman Family Foundation
Richard and Tricia Gibbs 
Adrea and Danny Goldberg
Michal and Zvi Guterman
Varda Rabin
Sharon and Orr Shakked
Deborah and Larry Stadtner
Lowell and Jacquie Strauss

$1,000 - $4,999
Annette and Avram Bar-Cohen
Rebecca and Raanan Bar-Cohen
Scott Barshack and Lana Nguyen
Eve Bernstein and Alex Gersznowicz
Lissa Bernstein-Lawler and Mark Lawler
David J. Blumberg
Ann Buscho
Dave and Cathy Capper and Family
Laura Century and Lee Unkrich
Sofia and Jeff Chancey
David Cohen and Antoinette Grimes
Congregation Kol Shofar 
Congregation Rodef Sholom
Sonia Daccarett and Alex Bernstein
Heather and Shachar Erez
Noam Erez
Felice, Darrell and Jake Friedman
Elon Ginzberg
Toni and Mickey Golbus
Roumi and Eric Gold
Jayne Greenberg / Just Jayne Events
Dina and Ephraim Greenwall
Marti and Tony Grimminck
Jennifer Grossman and Steve Hong
HCR Wealth Advisors
Eric Jacobs and Deborah Genet
Dennis and Paula Jaffe
Jewish Community Federation of the East Bay

$1,000 - $4,999 contd.
Erin and Jonathan Kahn
Mona Friedman Kolko and Mark Kolko
Koret Foundation, Jeff and Barbara Farber
Amy Kux
Rebecca and Eric Lendl
Michelle and Jeff Lerman
Sharon Beth Levy
Janet Lewis and Matt Elkins
Jaime and Sam Lewis
Diane Lowenstein
Christine and Joseph Luttwak
Jessica Merz
Bradley Nass and Amy Johns
Aaron Parker
Kristina and Christopher Ransick
Jan Reicher and Alain Bismuth
Joel and Barbara Renbaum
Nina Rowan
Peg Sandel and Wendy Rosov
Susan and Mark Schatzberg
Jeff Schottenstein
Rebecca and Mark Schulman
The Silver Yolles Family
D’vora Tirschwell and Pat Goldman
Debbie and Eric Toizer
Carol and Norman Traeger and Family
Pamela and Jon Welner
Nicole and Stephen Wilkes
Judy and Steve Zimmerman
Murray and Roberta Zucker

Under $1,000
Anonymous (4)
Joel Abramovitz
Alice and Ariel Almog
Bat-El Alon
Merav Alterman
Tomer Altman and Joanna Samuels
Gilad Arnold and Merav Steinberger-Arnold
Ruben Arquilevich and Vivien Braly
Simona Aviv
Michelle and Daniel Barenbaum
Michelle Baumert
Jason Beck and Boukje Eerkens
Heather and Kelly Bennett
Jeff and Diane Bernstein
Robin and Dushan Bilbija
Lynn Blankfort
Craig Blum and Kim Diamond
Andrew and Lisa Blum
Bev and Rolly Boorman
Clifford Booth
Barbara Brenman-Garry and Alan Garry
Brennan Properties
Nurit Brenner
Sarah and Mitch Brown
Cara Buchalter and Jonathan Emanuel
Rick Burg and Deborah Burg-Schnirman
Thursday Carreon
Michelle and Daniel Chador
Philip Chenette
Rosanna Chenette
Sharon and J.J. Clifton
Barbara Cohen
Karen Cohen and Storn White
Nehama and Baruch Cohen
Debbie and Barry Cohn
Robbie Cohn
Doug Crane and Rebecca Golbert
Katy and Shan Damani
Rachael and Chrisanian Daniel
Molly Daniels
Gina DeAngelis
Dawn and Josh Denberg
Anna Dibble
Lisa Douglass and Steve Pearlmutter
Jamie Dubey
Daniel Duffy
Samuel Duodu
Karen Einbinder
Ashley Einhaus
Arcadia Farber
Andrea Ferrance and Dara Thompson

Under $1,000 contd.
Gregg Fine and Tamar Rabinowitz
Thana and Ken Fineman
Julie Fingersh and David Rudnick
Arie Finkelstein
Victor Flores and Patricia Montejano
Jennifer Franklin and Karissa Sparks
Melissa Freeman
Herb and Marianne Friedman
Steven Friedman
Hamutal Gavish
Aly Geller and Steven Lee
Debi Geller and Ed Zimmerman
Ilene Genet
Phil and Cheryl Genet
Rita and Kent Gershengorn
Jim and Lisa Gioia
Brian Goldstein and Christine Leppones
Anna and Ran Haimoff
Donna Hamilton
Sharon and Scott Hartley
Lital and Kfir Hayat
Chaim and Michal Heller
Robert Horowitz and Jennifer White
Glenn Horstein and Antonia Scott
Elizabeth Hurwitz
Miriam Goldfien
Kathy and Ari Green
Angeline and David Greenblat
Rachel Greenblat
Steve and Leslie Isaacs
Jessica and Josh Jaffe
Michael Janes and Gabriella Calicchio
Sandra Jimenez
Karen Josephs 
Michael Kamler
Thomas Kasten
Jennifer and Andrew Katz
Douglas Kelley and Emily McFarland
Kathryn Keown
Alex Keselman and Tanya Shofler
Alexa and Jonathan Khersonsky
Daniela Kleiman and Pablo Buki
Jed Kolko
Ron and Stacy Krackower
Maureen and Derek Krantz
Jeffry Krieger and Daniela Rabbie
Rod Kux
Mara Langer
Iris and Michael Lax
Terri Leker and Mark Wallace
Carey Levash
Lisa Levin
Sasha Levine
Susan and Marv Levinson
Sharon Levy
Andrew Maley
Roxanne and David May
Karen and Randall Maycock
Robin and Andy Meisel
Barbara and Bernard Meyers
Cynthia Michael
John and Harriett Michael
Randy Michaels
Melissa and Alan Mordokowicz
Craig and Cindy Morris
Paul Mowry and Joe Silverman
Maia Newman
Roberto Nhuch and Rebecca Tolen
Yair Nudel and Angie Miot-Nudel
Angel and James O’Neil

Under $1,000 contd.
Osher Marin Jewish Community Center
Armando Pacas
Lynne Frank Page and Ronald Page
Susan and Michael Parnes
Adie and Ido Paz-Priel
Fred Penczak and Anjuli Basu
Bobbi Perez
Karen and Brian Perlman
Diane Pickel-Gore
Beverly Pinto and Elliot Levin
Rebecca Popell
Marc and Kim Press
Lisa Stone Pritzker
Jed Putterman
Judith Rabbie
Ariel Rabin
Michal and Hertsel Reihanian
Mark Reisbaum
Emma Reppun
Alissa and Joey Robinow
Dale T. Rogers Family
Eve Rosen
Jeffrey Rosen
Jill and Brian Rosen
Arieh Rosenbaum and Barbara Shands
Ruth Rosenthal
Gayle Rotner
Wendy Sadeh
S & K Sager
Stecia and Mike Saltzman
Catherine Reid Samans and Richard Samans
Heidi Sanders
Stacey and Michael Schifter
Megan and Aaron Schiller
Debra Schloss and Nissim Aharon
Rebecca and Mark Schulman
Jesse Scott
Karen Seal and Reid Thaler
Rich Seymour and Susannah Dameron
Marni Shapiro
Tina Sharkey
Alla O’Shea
Henry Shreibman
Anya Shuteroff
Caroline and Aaron Silverstein
Elan and Matt Slavin
Melissa and Craig Slayen
Jacqueline and Lawrence Slayen
Shoshana Sofer
Nan and Rick Solomon
Paul Sonnabend and Heather Mathieson
Hildie Spitzer
Mary and Philip Starhill
Stephanie and Ari Stavsky
Jill and Seth Steinberg
Roberta Steiner and Alan Farovitch
Ann Marie Stöhr
Natalia and Adam Straus
Uyanga and Muhammad Suleiman
Trish Tillman
Naomi and David Torgersen
Zachary Torry
Jessica Trubowitch and Juan Restrepo
Tori Ulrich
Celese Weber
Chet Wiener
Zane Wiley
Betty Wood and Harvey Lerchin
Illana Zauderer
The Zoken Family

Anjuli Basu, MD
Boon Supply
Covenant Wines
Laurie Friedman, AIA
Idell Family Vineyards
Johnny Doughnuts
Lagunitas Brewing Co.
Mangia Nosh Catering
Osher Marin Jewish Community Center
Rosov Consulting
Wilson Wineries
Wine & Design
Wise Sons Delicatessen