The Brandeis Marin Fund

Close the Gap!

Thank you for supporting Brandeis Marin! The Brandeis Fund, (formerly the Annual Fund) is the best way you can help us to bridge the gap between tuition and the actual cost to educate each student. The success of this annual gift from our community relates directly to faculty salaries, innovative and collaborative curriculum, tuition assistance, and upgraded technology.
Every donation makes an impact
Every donation builds a school that values exceptional educational experiences and economic diversity.  Reaching 100% parent participation strengthens our case when we apply for gifts from outside sources, because it shows we have the endorsement and commitment from 100% of our community.  
100 in 100?
We challenge you to help us reach 100% in 100 Days! That means every Brandeis parent, faculty, staff and Board member give to the Brandeis Fund in the first 100 days of the campaign. Come on, Brandeis! Let’s do this!

We are deeply grateful to all who supported Brandeis Marin in our 2018-19 annual campaign, and to those who continue to support our mission to ignite a passion for learning and graduate caring, engaged global citizens.