Alumni Giving Back

Why do Alums Give Back?

Every independent school has its own philanthropic personality, and Brandeis Marin is no different. As a development professional, I’ve witnessed many different giving cultures, and it is clear the Brandeis Marin alumni community is especially inspired. From the moment I arrived on the Brandeis campus, I have discovered a genuinely warm and generous community. Some of the common themes I’ve observed among Brandeis alum include:


At its core, I believe that our alums give back to acknowledge the role Brandeis played in becoming the person they are today. It is a foundational experience characterized by decency, critical evaluation, and personal connection that transforms them as individuals. Our Head of School, Dr. Peg Sandel, said it best at our last graduation: “The Jewish tradition serves as our north star, setting an example of reverence for deep learning, inspiring us to use our talents to repair the world, urging us to experience moments of awe in life, teaching us to use ritual to mark life’s big and little moments and inviting us into genuine community with one another.”

A Winning Stock

You might not think of it this way, but you could value your experience at Brandeis Marin like a share of stock. Graduates like to see their school grow in stature, and one way to contribute is by giving back. 

  • Did you know that the school’s current enrollment has beat all previous records? Since we became independent in 2015, we are at an all-time high of 186 students.

  • Did you know that Brandeis will be featured in a forthcoming book as one of the most forward-thinking K-8 Jewish day schools in the country?

  • Did you know that we just received two consecutive three-year grants from the nationally recognized Covenant Foundation to deepen our curriculum in technology, Jewish Studies, and Israel education? 

All of these events point to a winning trend that needs your support and investment for continued growth and expansion. 

Investing in the Future

The Brandeis experience is about producing engaged learners who can innovate, collaborate, problem-solve and who are grounded in timeless Jewish values. That mission requires investment in things like 3D printers and laser cutters for our Design Lab, project-based learning training for our faculty, and funding for our beloved 8th grade trip to Israel. If you want to designate where your dollars go, you can just click a box on our donation form. Click Here to get started.

Why Does it Matter?

When you give back to Brandeis Marin, you can feel satisfied knowing that you are advancing the mission of your alma mater, and making substantial impact on our success in securing grants from foundations. Foundations are more likely to give grants to winning, engaged communities that can report a high rate of giving from all constituents of a school. Constituents include alumni like you! Likewise, alumni giving levels also impact how well secondary schools and colleges view Brandeis Marin. 

Tzedakah and Networking

Giving back to Brandeis is a form of Tzedakah. It is a real mitzvah to give back to the school you or your child attended. What’s more, consider how giving back by volunteering could increase your networking opportunities? If you are looking to expand your contacts, what better place to connect than with the board members, donors, faculty, and students of Brandeis Marin?

It’s Not Always Money

One way to start connecting is to share your story with us. We want to hear from you and our alum families. We would love to include your story in our newsletters, invite you to speak at Board and donor events, or feature you as a guest speaker in our classrooms or even at graduation!

We often forget that our time is valuable, too. Why not volunteer to help on Mishpacha, our alumni-family association chaired by Becky Fenster? We would love to have a few more dedicated partners to help spread our mission of connection. In particular, we are looking for alums or alumni parents who have social media skills to share. The gift of your time and talent to connect and engage the Brandeis alumni community would help our school further its outreach and desire to reconnect with our 40 years of alumni and alumni families. 

Many of the benefits you received from the Brandeis experience may be intangible, but it is exactly those qualities that were instilled in you that will create tangible differences in the lives of Brandeis students today and tomorrow. Please consider your giving legacy when you volunteer or give today to Brandeis Marin.

Acts of kindness never die. They linger in the memory, giving life to other acts in return. - Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, in From Optimism to Hope