Isabelle Stavsky Graduation Speech


Isabelle Stavsky


Isabelle Stavsky Graduation Speech

Izzi Stavsky – Graduation Address – June 9, 2021

Picture this, an 11-year old Izzi, sitting at the dining room table with her siblings, when her parents tell them that they’re moving to California. California? A new state? A new school? A new start? She runs to her room, locks the door, and hides away terrified of starting new. Fast forward to today, I’m standing here about to graduate, reflecting on my amazing time at Brandeis. Wow. I never thought three years could go by so fast. Honestly, it’s too short, but I am incredibly thankful to have spent this time here at Brandeis. 

So many amazing friendships. So many supportive teachers. So many trips. So many clubs. So many projects. So many moments spent laughing with my friends. And now I have so many thank yous. 

Thank you to my classmates who welcomed me in with open arms and in just three short years made me feel like I’ve been here my whole life. Whether it’s overly competitive knockout games, PE in the rain, jumping out and scaring people in the mornings, or the barnyard boogie, I will cherish them all.  

Thank you to my teachers who have taught me so many valuable lessons inside the classroom and out. Thank you to the administration who I have gotten the pleasure to work with over this past year and have seen how much care and hard work you put into keeping Brandeis a safe and happy place.Thank you to my siblings, Reuben and Emily for making me laugh all the time, hanging out with me, and for giving me a reason to come back and visit.Thank you to my parents for working so hard to give me everything I could ever need, letting me know I can always talk to you, and always cheering me on in whatever I do. To my dad, you are the hardest worker that I know and without your support and encouragement, I would never know how much I can accomplish when I try. To my mom, you are so kind and so selfless. As much as I pretend to hate it when people say that we’re like twins, I truly take it as the biggest compliment. 

11 year old me was scared to leave New York, and now my older, present self is scared to leave Brandeis. Only this time I’m not going to run away or hide, because at Brandeis I’ve learned that change can be good. And of course, I’m sad and scared to move onto the next stage in my life, only I’m not leaving Brandeis behind. I’m taking the memories, the lessons, and values that Brandeis has gifted me with and for that, I’m endlessly grateful.