David Merz Graduation Speech


David Merz


David Merz Graduation Speech

David Merz – Graduation Address – June 9, 2021

I really don’t like this. I am always scared of public speaking, I am not very good at expressing myself, and I just have terrible stage fright. But when I started this project, and I started to write my speech, nothing changed. 

Now, I am reading this speech, and I have no clue how I am not messing any of this up!

So, if I have already gotten this far, I might as well talk about my time at Brandeis. Here’s a few things that will stay with me.

I’ll always recall building a rocket in science class and watching it shoot into the air, being amazed at the egg we put inside the rocket not cracking when the rocket landed.

I’ll remember doing Cornell notes in Social Studies, and then a day later after submitting them see another Cornell Notes assignment appear. I’ll also happily remember talking about different types of tea with Mr. Friedman. I never knew someone could be so enthusiastic about tea!

I’ll think about when we read and watched Macbeth in English, and laughing about the shocked face Mr. E would make whenever he walked by our classroom and saw us watching a violent scene.

In math, I’ll remember how difficult it was to make a board game, having to write so many different equations on cards that I would get hand cramps. 

I’ll think back to when we would discuss text from the Torah in Jewish Studies, text that we had already discussed. So. Many. Times.

I'll always remember the good times at Brandeis Marin because they make me happy.

Even though I feel like I have difficulty expressing myself, I feel happy being able to talk to you all about my time at Brandeis.

And while I’m going to miss attending Brandeis Marin, and learning with my friends, I’m going to look forward to going to high school and building on what I’ve gotten here.

 Thank you for listening.