Dante Aron Graduation Speech


Dante Bijou Aron


Dante Aron Graduation Speech

Dante Aron – Graduation Address – June 9, 2021

I’ve been coming to this campus with my mom nearly every day since I was 3. I started in Kindergarten with many of my friends from the JCC Preschool. Sadly, I left Brandeis before 2nd grade, but happily, I returned for Middle School. I’ve had some amazing teachers and experiences throughout my years here.  

When I returned in 6th grade I already knew a lot of people here which made my transition from elementary to middle school much easier. 6th grade was a great year for me. I found new interests and made new friends. I especially enjoyed spending free time in the Design Lab. A highlight of the Design Lab was creating games for Purim. Surprisingly, I was even allowed to make a powerful air cannon for our Carnival! Starting with Kindergarten, Brandeis always encouraged us to explore our creativity and work on projects geared to our interests. 

Throughout my time at Brandeis Marin, my teachers have been supportive and encouraging. Mr. E has always been a fantastic teacher who leads lively class discussions. With Andrew, I could talk forever about technological advancements and engineering. Mr. Seymour always had great class projects that we all enjoyed. Ms. Daniels and Ms. Franklin even made classic literature interesting!  I can say that MOST of my teachers have been great!

I’m looking forward to a new beginning at Archie Williams High School next year with more people and more diversity. My goals for the future are to pursue my dream in engineering and create a company of my own where I’m free to design and build whatever I want. I’m grateful to Brandeis Marin for allowing me to explore myself and my interests, and for helping to set me on the path for success.