Canyon Sallady Graduation Speech


Canyon Sallady


Canyon Sallady Graduation Speech

Canyon Sallady – Graduation Address – June 9, 2021

I thought I enrolled here just for the good curriculum, but Brandeis gave me so much more than what I asked. It gave me a place to connect with people who are supportive of my morals and beliefs. I also learned how to be flexible and help others. I think everyone here can relate to me when I say that we have received much more than what we initially wanted.

Not only have I gained academic knowledge, but I know myself better as well. When I first came to Brandeis I was extremely stubborn, but I have grown to be more flexible and able to listen to others’s opinions. I have also improved at letting others have their say during group assignments. The reason for my growth is because of the incredible teachers here at Brandeis. They have been supportive everywhere they could, through thick and thin. I want to specially thank my advisor, Mrs. Daniels, for helping improve my writing, showing me many great biographies, and giving me helpful advice for all of my classes. I know that my future encounters will go much smoother because of the help Brandeis has given me. 

I hope that once I enter the larger world of high school I’ll become even more mature and helpful and share the knowledge and skills I have obtained. This knowledge that can benefit others as much as it has myself, and has defined my world for the last four years. 

While I originally came here for simple goals I have received much more. Brandeis has been a second home for me. It's not only been a place to learn, but a place to see my friends and people who are similar to myself. My time here has been incredible. It has prepared me for what I know is to come as well as the unexpected. This knowledge will stay with me for the rest of my life. I hope that once I leave this fantastic school I will become just like my teachers and role models. My sincerest gratitude for those who have helped me to reach this point where I can say, I am honored to be a member of the Brandeis community.