Ayla Bennett Graduation Speech


Ayla Bennett


Ayla Bennett Graduation Speech

Ayla Bennett – Graduation Address – June 9, 2021

I've experienced so many great things at Brandeis, and I will carry those memories with me. 

I moved to Brandeis in 6th grade. I remember leaving my friends from my elementary school and being so nervous and scared on my first day at Brandeis. I was a very shy person in 6th grade. I didn’t know anyone and it was hard for me to open up. In 7th grade I started to feel more comfortable and I started branching out, making friends and spending time with different people. I remember 7th grade being a very quick and fun year. Now it’s suddenly the end of 8th grade and it’s been a very exciting year. I’ve learned so many new things, and I've made such amazing friends.

To me, Brandeis is a very welcoming and inclusive community. I love it here. 

I've experienced so many great things during my time here at this school. The people here are super nice, caring, and fun to be around. Brandeis is a really nice place to be. It's a calm and inclusive environment.  I've enjoyed my time and have made some great memories. One of the things I'll remember most about Brandeis is my friends and I laughing together at the lunch tables on Swig Field. But now the time has come to move away from this great community, and to move on to a different one.

I’d like to thank my teachers for making my learning experience so fun and inspiring, and for dedicating their time to help push me to be my best self. They have taught me so many amazing lessons that were fun to learn. Whether it's Andrew teaching me how to laser cut and code, or Mrs. Daniels and Mrs. Franklin teaching me what it means to be a good writer,  Mr. Seymour teaching me the fun in Science, Ms.Freeman for making math creative, and Coach for teaching me how to throw a football, I will bring all these lessons with me for the future ahead.  

As I move on to High School I will try to remember the lessons Brandeis taught me. I wish you all a future with happiness, excitement, and inspiration. Thank you everyone!