Aviv Shakked Graduation Speech


Aviv Shakked



Aviv Shakked – Graduation Address – June 9, 2021

A graduation speech… A speech to leave a legacy that people will remember. Trying not to be too cheesy and talk about Brandeis being my home away from home. Trying not to be too harsh to anyone about the experiences that weren’t perfect. A graduation speech. How can I recap the past 9 years of my life in a 90-second speech? How can I put 10 seconds for each of the most memorable years of my life?

I can’t. But I'll try.  

So starting my Brandeis life with junk sculptures in Kindergarten to delicious cinnamon toast in 1st grade with Mrs. Greenblat to 2nd grade, where I learned more than I ever have in the span of 9 months with Mrs. R. Then there was choose-your-own-adventures in 3rd grade with Jeff and learning how to finally use computers in the old computer lab. How can I pair 9 months with 1 memory; I can’t. But I'll try. We learned about Native Americans in fourth grade, where I met the closest friend I’ve ever had, Evan. I made it to 5th grade, where we became the first class to have 2 main teachers in the Lower School at Brandeis. How can I put a year of fun and memories into one single moment; I can’t, but I’ll try. And then the biggest hill I’ve climbed; Middle School. Throughout Middle School, there were too many memories to count but some highlights were Science projects with Mr. Seymour, Mathletes with Ms. Freeman, Life Stories with Mr. Friedman, and diving deep into Jewish Studies. 

How can I say farewell to the friends that make me want to stay the way I am, the teachers that taught me everything I know today. I want to thank everyone in my life for carrying me through to my Graduation though sometimes I didn’t want to be there. To my parents who raised one of the toughest kids around; me. To my friends who made me feel worth the world through the tough times. And though I can’t say goodbye to everyone; I'll try.