Middle School Awards

Student Awards

Brandeis Marin has three special awards which are bestowed upon graduating eighth grade students who have demonstrated outstanding commitment and achievement in their academic, creative, and community endeavors.

Frederick S. Nathan Judaica Award

The student who is chosen for the Frederick S. Nathan Judaica Award demonstrates and exemplifies a commitment to Torah, Avodah and Gemilut Hasadim.

  • By “Torah” we mean knowledge and study - a commitment to intellectual curiosity and learning
  • By “Avodah” we mean Jewish living – embracing Jewish values and spiritual awareness to live with heart
  • By “Gemilut Hasadim” we mean communal responsibility – the ability to share the lessons of Jewish learning and living with others

The Sages teach us in Pirkei Avot, Chapter 1, paragraph 2, that the world stands on these three qualities. The deserving recipient of this award stands for and perpetuates these important attributes.

Dr. Henry M. Shreibman Award

During his tenure as Head of School from 1992-2005, Dr. Henry Shreibman expanded programs, extending the arts into all spheres of school life. With gratitude for his lasting contributions to Brandeis Marin in the arena of arts education, an annual student award was named in his honor.

The student chosen for this award has demonstrated outstanding achievement in the visual or the performing arts during his/her years at Brandeis Marin and exhibits a commitment to creativity and the arts. The recipient is also an accomplished student in all areas of Brandeis Marin academic life.

Jackie Hoffner Kindness and Tikkun Olam Award

In 2017, Brandeis Marin introduced a new student award to honor the memory and legacy of longtime Brandeis Marin parent, Jackie Hoffner. Known for her beautiful spirit and caring soul, Jackie was a force for good in the world. This award seeks to recognize and perpetuate the values of every day kindness, generosity and service. Each year the faculty will select and honor a student who exemplifies in words and deeds the spirit of kindness and service to others. The award will also include a donation to the non-profit organization of the award recipient’s choice.