Middle School

The Brandeis Marin Middle School program embraces and accelerates the intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth of our pre-teens and teens.

During these critical years, we serve as more than a school to our students. We are a community that encircles them with open hearts and minds. We challenge them, encourage them, guide them and prepare them. Our project-based curriculum is rigorous, yet inclusive of diverse learning styles and backgrounds. Year after year, our students are routinely accepted into the high schools of their choice. Learning comes alive for our students through fully integrated, project-based curriculum and grade-specific themes.

Sixth Grade: Freedom and Responsibility

Sixth graders enter their middle school years invigorated by their newfound freedom, but also daunted by the increased responsibility such freedom entails. Students explore these weighty concepts across the curriculum and create a foundation to develop and use strategies to balance new expectations.

Seventh Grade: Identity and Community

The perennial seventh grade questions are: Who am I and where do I fit in? By exploring stories of identity development and integration, students learn how to find affinity and connection with others, how to contribute to their communities and how membership in any group involves the responsibility to preserve and protect it.

Eighth Grade: Self and Society

As they gear up for the important transition to high school, eighth graders prepare to transcend their own individual needs and even the needs of their own close-knit Brandeis community to consider the greater society and their place in it. They thrive as role models through our Kindergarten buddy program, explore leadership opportunities in Student Council and weekly services and, during their mid-year trip to Israel, serve as ambassadors not only for their school and community, but also their country. Inside and outside the classroom, they are supported in their journey to be ethical, compassionate leaders in their greater community, high school and beyond.

Spotlight on Middle School