At Brandeis Marin, we nurture joyful and fearless learners. Our hands-on, theme-based curriculum challenges students to think critically, engage creatively and grow spiritually in true community.

We offer integrated, innovative academics in reading, writing, math, science, social studies, Hebrew, Spanish (in middle school) and Jewish studies. Our program also includes art, athletics, drama, music, technology and outdoor education.

Students here live the learning. They tinker, delve, discover and question –– diving deep into grade-specific, yearlong themes that are seamlessly integrated into all core subjects.

Small class sizes (a 5:1 student to teacher ratio) allow us to truly know our students and their families –– to share in their joys and challenges. We’re also an authentically inclusive community and skilled at working with diverse learning styles and backgrounds. Our instructional philosophy reflects standards set by the state of California, national teachers’ organizations and our own inspired, dynamic educators.

5:1 Student to Teacher Ratio

Curriculum Reflects California State Standards

Co-Curricular activites for all students