COVID-19 and School Safety


Brandeis Marin is committed to the well-being of our whole community, and we are prepared to support the learning journey of every student – in this moment and into the future.

Brandeis Marin Covid Safety Plan 2021–2022

After a successful 2020-2021 school year in which all students were safely on campus, Brandeis Marin has demonstrated its commitment to robust in-person learning paired with effective COVID-19 mitigation strategies. We have implemented layered mitigation strategies that are outlined in documents that are available to anyone through this website. We are committed to taking a science and evidence-based approach to reducing the risk of transmission on our campus. For this reason, our school-based protocols are fully aligned with local, state and CDC guidelines. You can access our 32-point School Site Specific Protection Plan (SSSPP) as well as our COVID-19 Safety Plan here.  

For the 2021-2022 school year, Marin Public Health has introduced a mitigation strategies continuum to illustrate the ways in which mitigation strategies may be tightened or loosened depending on trends in transmission rates, verified vaccination rates, prevalence of new variants, and impacts on Marin County health care systems. We can expect that school-based protocols and mitigation strategies are likely to shift over time and our school is committed to being flexible and adapting to changing circumstances in a way that prioritizes student learning and well-being. We will update our entire community to changes in public health guidance and school-based protocols regularly and as needed through email communications and our What's Brewing town hall style meetings on Zoom. Recordings of those meetings and copies of all COVID-related communications will be posted to the website.

We are blessed that Marin County and the Bay Area more broadly enjoys high per capita vaccination rates. We encourage everyone who is eligible to get vaccinated. This moment demands of us that we extend our sphere of care taking to the most vulnerable in our community (broadly speaking). While we are all experiencing pandemic fatigue, this moment is asking for pandemic stamina rooted in our commitment to the health and safety of our students. They hold our future. We join with parents in ensuring today is full of potential and possibility.

A copy of this entire document will be posted on the Brandeis Marin Homepage as required, and will also be included in the updated Brandeis Marin Injury Illness & Prevention Program.

Table of Contents: Fall 2020 Covid-19 Prevention and Response Health and Safety Protocols


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Brandeis Marin Staff and Student COVID-19 Vaccination Statistics

  • Staff Vaccination Rate: 100 %  - 56 faculty/staff
  • Eligible Student Vaccination Rate: 97% - 76 eligible students