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Nathan Harvey Rowan


Nathan Rowan Graduation Speech Video
Nate's Speech

Nathan Rowan - Graduation Address - June 10, 2020

Hello, I’m Nathan. I couldn’t even try to tell you about my first day at Brandeis. Honestly the teachers probably remember more than me. But the one thing I can remember is that on that first day I felt like a sapling. A sapling that knew, with time, could grow into a big strong tree here. And seeing all the other saplings around who would grow with me into a big beautiful forest. So here I am today. I am finally through the woods and into a clearing.

I'm sure some of you have heard the saying someday you're going to do something you love for the last time, and you won’t even know it. That sentence has never meant anything to me until now. I’ve been a student at this school for just three short years. But as short as they may have seemed, these years have never felt longer. Maybe because my roots needed time to settle and take hold. And now I am looking back and reading this speech. To my forest. Is it a goodbye? No. It is a good day.    And I have never felt happier. Through the ups and downs, lefts and rights -  I’ve never felt alone, or lost here, in these three short-long years. So... the something I love? For the last time? To see all of these big beautiful trees. Together in one majestic forest. But I will always see you, my forest through the trees. I am better knowing you all. And growing with you. Thank you Brandeis Marin.