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Hadassah Krieger Graduation Speech
Hadassah's Speech

Hadassah Krieger - Graduation Address - June 10, 2020

I think I can safely say I was one of the only people to get a test run of Brandeis before starting kindergarten. To make sure I could handle having my dad as my teacher, I spent one week in the kindergarten class that he taught, even though I was younger than the rest of the group. I was intimidated at first, but the class adopted me right away. I felt welcomed at Brandeis and I was becoming more comfortable in the place I was to spend the next 9 years. 

I was shy at the beginning of kindergarten. Soon, though, I was clapping my 8th grade buddy’s hand during tefillah. I made friends to build junk sculptures with and play in oobleck with. When the end of the year play came, I was confident enough to put on my elephant costume for one of the lead roles in Horton Hears a Who. 

In our second grade class tefillah, we did a play of the Passover story. Who would have thought that I would choose to play G-d? I prefered hiding behind the bima to singing at the front of the stage. I have grown since then. Just last year, I helped my class lead the Tzedakah tefillah. I wasn't G-d, but I felt happy to be standing before the school. 

In third grade, I was urged to try cross country. I was too scared to sign up that year, but when fourth grade rolled around, I did sign up. Thanks to encouragement from my Brandeis community, I ran cross country for four years and had a great time. Even though I came in last place or close to last in all of my races, I still had people to cheer me on at the finish line. 

This year, I was super nervous before the Israel trip. I was worried about spending so much time with my class, but the trip made me realize how much my classmates feel like family. 

Brandeis has given me the confidence to step on a plane and fly. Brandeis has supported me and cheered me on till the end. Brandeis has helped me speak up. I wish I could have a test run of high school, but I know that, with what I have learned here, I will be okay. Thank you.