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Alyssia Rosenbaum


Alyssia Rosenbaum Graduation Speech
Alyssia's Speech

Alyssia Rosenbaum - Graduation Address - June 10, 2020

When I joined Brandeis Marin, I was in 6th grade. I was young and still acted like a crazy 5th grader. I’m sure I still do act like that at times now. Before I came to Brandeis, I went to a large public school that I had gone to since I was in 1st grade, and I had my first graduation there in 5th grade. I always hated school and didn’t seem to care about the things I needed to get done. Once I joined Brandeis, a lot of that changed.

I made friends fast and I started to realize what real friends were; the people that care for you through everything. I saw the amazing shift from my old school to Brandeis. When I was graduating 5th grade, I didn’t feel one bit of sadness, but when I think about how close I am to graduating Brandeis, it breaks my heart to think that I will never be in school with this class again. There have been so many memorable class trips that I will never forget.

I really want to thank the teachers for everything they have done for me over the past three years because I really think they helped me grow as a person and learn how to manage my time with assignments and projects. I am also really grateful that I met these teachers that are at Brandeis, because they are really special. At my old school I didn’t feel like you got the kind of relationships you do with the teachers at Brandeis. I also want to thank my class for being the best class that I’ve ever been a part of. I can’t explain the kind of community that there is at Brandeis. At Brandeis, everyone is accepting and everyone cares about you. I think that’s what's special about our grade. I will never forget my Brandeis experience.